This will be brief and clear, our goal is to have a place to share our experiences on making game so you can learn from our mistakes and successes, and be a better game developer while having [hard]fun in the process.

Personally, I really enjoy teaching and sharing the knowledge I’ve gained on the things I love doing and be considered to be good at (at any level whatsoever). Watching the face of a person on her “aha” moment gives me a great sense of fulfillment because I could help that person reach a new level, get a new skill or overall understand something new.

To be honest, I really enjoy game development skill-sharing because I had a lot of misconceptions in the past, false beliefs that led me to a late progress in life and game development. I want to reach as much people as possible in order to avoid that. I want you to be successful, to get the skills you need as soon as possible, and be happy with them. There’s no day like today in order to get your shit together and start making games, no matter the reason you have to develop them.

On the other hand, I hope to get feedback from the community and friends, specially now that most of my friends are in a different time zone. This project helps me gather us in the same place, a place without my name on it, but with a name that expresses what we feel about our craft, our passion.

Welcome to GameDev Rocks!


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Programmer with 5-year experience, two of them dedicated entirely to game development. Specializing in AI and gameplay programming.

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